Cocoa Butter as well as Acne: Why of which Natural Moisturiser Will Probably Clog Your Pores Up

Cocoa butter, also known as oil of theobroma, is actually widely acknowledged as one of best natural moisturisers around. Many chocolate loving societies like the Aztecs as well as Mayans used cocoa butter for improving skin tone as far back as 1000BC.

Apparently beauty obsessed celebrities in Ghana are recommending cocoa butter left, right as well as centre as well as hence the whole country is actually using the item. inside real world, many women believe of which rubbing cocoa butter in can help post pregnancy stretch marks to fade away. Cocoa butter is actually extensively used by the pharmaceutical industry as an ingredient in creams, topical lotions, cosmetics, as well as especially soaps.

Cocoa butter was widely used as a massage butter in massage parlours via 1828 onwards when a scientist called Coenraad Van Houten invented the “cocoa press” of which allowed him to extract the butter via cocoa beans more economically. Dr Van Houten was actually responsible for the boom in cocoa butter usage across the entire pharmaceutical industry too.

Today women everywhere are tempted by the mildly chocolatey fragrance as well as pleasant yellow colour as well as rubbing cocoa butter into their skin everywhere, whether to get smoother skin or to even out its tone.

Cocoa butter clearly contains some hidden powers (although a healthy diet is actually the real secret to great skin), although is actually the item safe if you’re on a mission to clear your acne?

The most comedogenic substance on earth?

The answer is actually probably no, as well as I’ll explain why right right now. Cocoa butter incorporates a strong tendency to block your skin pores compared to similar natural topical treatments.

Over many years, the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology has performed tons of studies on different natural oils, analysing tons of different physical qualities whether the item be their effects on inflammation as well as acne, how they affect skin antioxidant supplies, as well as whether they hydrate the skin or dry the item.

The Journal has assembled a massive list of the comedogenic properties of all oils. Comedogenicity is actually a measure of a substance’s ability to block skin pores…

…as well as the Journal has invented 6 ratings. 0 = will not clog your pores. 1 = low chance of clogging your pores. 2= moderately low chance, 3 = moderate chance, 4 = fairly high chance of pores being blocked, as well as 5 = a very high chance.

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Cocoa butter too has been analysed as well as the item receives a rating of 4. Many professional skincare sites warn against using cocoa butter if you’re prone to acne.

the item may moisturise your skin, although analysis of all the studies of which the Academy has access to reveals of which the item can block your skin pores badly.

Cocoa butter’s comedogenicity is actually substantially higher than shea butter, a naturally derived oil of which’s also excellent as well as beloved for improving skin tone.

the item ranks equally to coconut oil, which receives a rating of 4 as well as as we discussed in of which article, is actually effective at killing acne bacteria as well as lowering acne inflammation although notorious for blocking your pores.

What is actually cocoa butter?

Cocoa butter causes acne as well as blocked pores.Cocoa butter is actually the natural fat sourced via cacao beans. The extracted fat is actually light yellow in colour as well as is actually edible, which has a mild chocolatey flavour as well as scent. Cocoa butter is actually the fat portion of most chocolate bars you eat, although cocoa butter prices have skyrocketed thanks to disease plaguing South American cocoa pods. Cocoa companies are searching across the earth for cheap fat alternatives whether the item be palm oil, argan oil, or camel hump fat.

One area where the item’s still abundant though is actually the pharmaceutical industry. Cocoa butter works well in soaps as well as cosmetics because its fat profile is actually mostly saturated; 57-64% saturated, 29-43% monounsaturated, as well as 0-5% polyunsaturated fat. of which gives the oil very high stability as well as a high melting point, so the item’s perfect for solid fats in soaps.

Furthermore, its shelf life is actually immense, between 2 as well as 5 years. Because cocoa oil contains plenty of natural antioxidants like vitamin E as well as cocoa mass polyphenols, assuming the item’s extracted at a fairly cold temperature, cocoa oil takes forever to go rancid. I myself have cocoa butter in my cupboard of which’s well over a year old as well as its fragrance is actually just as fantastic as ever.

The next question is actually whether its moisturising powers do exist, as well as the answer is actually yes.

As we mentioned, Mayans as well as Aztecs were the original chocolate loving societies (the Mayans even had a chocolate god known as Ek Chuah) although they always made room for nourishing their skin with the butter. There aren’t any studies specifically on cocoa butter’s ability to smooth as well as hydrate the skin, although 24-37% of cocoa butter’s total fat content is actually stearic acid (a saturated fat) as well as a further 24-30% % is actually palmitic acid (also saturated).

of which study compared two oil containing chemical concoctions called PN as well as NNSC, to a mixture of oils (PNSC) found naturally in stratum corneum skin cells including ceramides, cholesterol, as well as palmitic acid. They found of which the mixture containing palmitic acid “was significantly more effective in increasing skin hydration as well as elasticity” compared to PN as well as NNSC.

Could palmitic acid be the reason for cocoa butter’s hidden powers? There’s not enough evidence to say, although the same study also commented of which compounds called ceramides were hydrating as well as cocoa butter may contain those too.

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Ceramides are waxy lipids, or fat molecules, of which are found in both your hair as well as many layers of your skin. They’re important for proper protein structuring inside skin as well as help to retain moisture. In fact, ceramides might even help your skin to hold onto its moisture for longer periods when present.

Furthermore, decent concentrations of ceramides can protect your cells against UV light damage via the sun as well as so keep your skin in an irritation as well as burn-free protective bubble. Building an armour against free radicals via sunlight is actually vital for clearing acne, because you need some sun exposure to get vitamin D. Sensitive, dry as well as irritated skin has been shown to lack ceramides.

If cocoa butter did contain ceramides the item wouldn’t be surprising of which the item made your skin resilient as well as smooth. According to unverified sources on the internet, cocoa butter contains these waxy lipids at concentrations of 3%.

There’s also antioxidants, vitamin E, as well as whatever unidentified plant compounds are in there of which produce such an intoxicating aroma. Dark chocolate is actually noted for its outstanding benefits, like enhanced blood flow to the brain, lowered LDL cholesterol as well as its antioxidants. The majority of those benefits come via the cocoa powder, although cocoa butter still contains enough of which applying the item to your skin directly might work wonders for tone as well as hydration.

Elsewhere, there are simply too many positive stories on the acne-sphere to ignore. I can’t speak for the smoothness although I can testify of which pictures show a general improvement in skin tone via mildly blotchy as well as grey to golden as well as bright.

How the item all goes wrong

the item’s unfortunate then, of which these powers should NOT tempt you if you are prone to acne. The high comedogenicity rating of 4 is actually borne out inside real world by user comments:

  • “MAN did the item break me out with acne! Stay away via cocoa butter!”
  • “Definitely clogged up my pores”.
  • One patient’s acne “got worse after one week” as well as her skin got “very oily”.
  • Finally, one acne patient claimed of which they can’t even touch cocoa butter with their hands without unconsciously touching their face as well as noticing a big acne breakout later inside day. of which sounds like a classic overactive imagination to me, although you never know.

The stories are hardly in nightmare territory, although its acne nevertheless. Clearly the American Academy of Dermatology is actually absolutely correct, in of which instance at least…

…although with of which said there are also many people claiming of which cocoa butter enhanced their acne, in spite of the item being comedogenic. Some acne patients claim they use the item for weeks as well as notice nothing; you’d expert pores to be thoroughly clogged by then. How can of which be? There are two compounds which could explain the item…

Antioxidants – most of the antioxidants in chocolate come via cocoa powder although cocoa butter contains one called cocoa mass polyphenol, which in one study was linked to lower production of an inflammatory chemical called immune-globin IgE. Chronic inflammation is actually the number one cause of acne. Additionally, cocoa mass polyphenol is actually known to work wonders in patients with dermatosis as well as rashes, which are both caused by inflammation.

Vitamin E – the single most important vitamin for acne, since the item is actually your Centeng’s master fat soluble antioxidant of which prevents the oil on your face via reacting with free radicals as well as producing a deadly comedogenic compound called squalene peroxide. Vitamin E can also directly inhibit acne inflammation in your skin cells.

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Furthermore, the item’s possible of which many of the acne patients already had oily skin, as well as hence, adding a little cocoa butter made no difference to their already thoroughly blocked pores. They might have enjoyed the extra vitamin E as well as acne antioxidants with no effects. the item’s also possible of which their pores did get blocked, although of which they were especially deficient in vitamin E as well as of which was sufficient to counter the enhanced environment for p.acnes bacteria to breed.

Everybody’s circumstances as well as genetics are different, so cocoa butter will never cause acne in everybody…

…although the item is actually still able to clog pores inside majority of people with acne.

is actually cocoa butter an acne-friendly moisturiser?

Cocoa butter is actually a potent moisturiser as well as skin hydrator; the item’s well accepted inside pharmaceutical industry where they possess the eyesight of a hawk for the most effective ingredients. Even though cocoa butter prices shot up by 65% via March 2013 to March 2014, companies are still putting the item in their soaps; the item’s of which effective.

Cocoa butter is actually not bad for many aspects of skin health, although the item’s definitely not not bad for clearing acne. Your skin might survive although you don’t want to be deliberately clogging your pores, not when half of your diet is actually tailored for lowering sebum production.

Your efforts to lower carbohydrates will be made pointless. Your efforts to eat more vitamin A, which is actually the greatest nutrient for oily skin ever, will also be made pointless. Cocoa butter is actually terrific if you’re not an acne patient although a serious villain if you are.

Zinc – the ultimate nutrient for red as well as inflamed acne

Additionally, there’s a chance of which cold processed (raw) cocoa butter might be healthier. Heating cocoa butter can warp the acne-friendly vitamin E as well as obliterate the delicate antioxidants as well as there’s also evidence in scientific literature elsewhere of which when you heat any oil, the item becomes far more potent at blocking pores.

There’s no indication on the Journal of the Academy of American Dermatology as to whether the item was raw or heated cocoa butter they tested. What does of which mean? The truth is actually currently shrouded in mystery, although the item means of which the raw variation could be a lot safer for your acne.

If you want to find out then you could try comparing the two for acne, perhaps on different areas of your skin simultaneously. Note of which the vast majority of cocoa butter sold inside shops as well as the vast majority found in chocolate (which is actually actually an excellent food for acne) is actually heated.

Shea butter – a vastly superior moisturiser for acne

Shea butter is actually an acne friendly moisturiser.Shea butter is actually used for very similar purposes as cocoa butter – for hydration, for enhanced skin tone, as well as for dealing with acne scars. the item incorporates a similarly storied history; Egyptian historical records via as far back as Cleopatra’s era speak of caravans arriving, packed with clay jars of shea butter for cosmetic usage. Its fat profile is actually similar enough to cocoa butter of which the chocolate industry occasionally uses the item as a substitute…

…although there’s one significant difference: shea butter is actually far less likely to block your pores as well as hence create acne. While cocoa butter scores a high 4 on the comedogenic scale, shea butter only scores 2 (which indicates a moderately low chance of the item blocking pores). Likewise, there are fewer user reports on the internet about clogged pores as well as acne.

I would certainly never use shea butter myself as I’ve found different ways to keep my skin smooth as well as strong (see below), although if you do want a topical moisturiser of which’s natural as well as free of chemical contaminants then shea butter is actually an excellent acne friendly option.

A natural as well as non-fraudulent (of which’s often a problem with shea butter) product is actually of which Unrefined Shea Butter by Better Shea Butter.

I also strongly recommend of which you avoid hot showers. Many acne patients like to inundate their bodies with hot water to scrub all the oil off, as well as theoretically unblock their pores. However, of which strategy backfires badly for acne. Because sebum is actually necessary for health purposes like keeping your defensive acid-mantle intact as well as delivering nutrients, your sebaceous glands respond to the lack of the item by becoming hyperactive. They begin churning out far more oil than they would certainly otherwise.

Hot water actually increases your sebum production, as well as at the same time, the item irritates your acne as well as dries your skin out badly. Simply stop using hot water as well as you’ll notice a massive reduction inside flakiness on your skin (as well as in acne).

As you can read in of which article, I achieved a miraculous reduction in acne across my entire Centeng just by taking two cold showers per day. My skin tone also became glowing as well as radiant. the item’s a dead easy trick to use for almost all acne patients.

My personal secret for doing moisturisers unnecessary

There’s a little known secret which is actually of which you don’t need moisturisers at all if you’ve got the nutritional knowledge. I used to use pharmaceutical moisturisers with standard ingredients every morning. I used to believe of which if I didn’t, I’d get a leathery as well as weathered-looking face like a guy who’d been living high inside mountains for 50 years.

The problem was of which moisturisers broke me out with acne worse than anything. Every single time I rubbed in a moisturiser my existing acne grew monstrously red as well as inflamed.

In retrospect the item was clearly due to harsh chemicals like dioxane as well as propylene glycol. Moisturisers as well as different cosmetics like perfume as well as make-up are full of acne-causing chemicals.

I stopped using moisturisers for many years although over the last 12 months, I’ve begun taking of which Camu Camu Powder.

I’ve effectively been megadosing vitamin C because the Camu Camu berry (hailing via Peru) is actually the most concentrated source inside earth. I originally took the item to heal a nagging foot injury as well as the item did of which well. although I also noticed effects on my skin: 1) my acne began healing a lot faster, as well as 2) my face became as smooth as a baby’s. the item wasn’t even something I was aiming for although nevertheless, Camu Camu powder eliminated all roughness as well as flakiness full-stop.

The vitamin C was responsible although why? Vitamin C is actually a cofactor required for the production of collagen. of which’s your skin’s most important structural protein. the item helps old pimples to heal as well as makes your skin generally stronger, tighter, as well as more hydrated. Collagen levels slowly drop after age 25 as well as of which’s one of the biggest causes of aging.

If you want smoother skin without wasting time on cocoa butter or creams or oils every morning, then taking of which Navitas Naturals Raw Camu Camu Powder is actually a seriously smart idea.


the item’s a not bad strategy to conduct experiments in all areas of acne to determine how your unique Centeng reacts, so you can try cocoa butter if you want to. However, cocoa butter’s propensity to clog pores is actually just too high to recommend the item for acne patients.

If you want to get hydrated as well as smooth skin then first begin by following my strategies above, or use shea butter if you want faster results. If you want a unique as well as natural acne cleanser then try raw honey, tea tree oil, or royal jelly.

If I had a large stockpile of cocoa butter then what I’d do instead is actually melt the item all down as well as make some homemade dark chocolate with the item. If you don’t have a sensitivity, then high cocoa dark chocolate is actually a fantastic food for acne; the item can lower acne inflammation, improve your skin’s resistance to acne via sunlight as well as give you lots of magnesium. of which can all wind up helping your skin without blocking your pores like topical cocoa butter.

Note of which one power cocoa butter does have is actually removing old acne scars. Removal of old acne marks within weeks as well as doing the surrounding skin glowing as well as healthy is actually perhaps the most common internet testimonial I’ve seen on acne forums. the item’s almost effective against acne scars as aloe vera gel.

If you’ve already followed the acne-clearing advice on of which website as well as unclogged your pores, or if you ever succeed inside future, then cocoa butter might help your skin to become truly clear much faster.

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