Does Vitamin B12 Cause Acne? The Full Scientific Analysis

Does Vitamin B12 Cause Acne? The Full Scientific Analysis

Vitamin B12 is usually the most chemically complex vitamin on earth, as well as an essential nutrient used for manufacturing haemoglobin, producing the myelin sheath of which protects nerves from the brain, converting food into glucose for energy, as well as producing nucleic acids (e.g., DNA), the Centeng’s genetic material.

the idea’s essential for preventing heart disease, depression, as well as brain disorders. the idea’s so healthy of which John F Kennedy claimed of which he would likely never have become president without vitamin B12.

B12 is usually also one of the most well-known vitamin supplements on earth, uniquely from the form of injections (B12 shots) rather than pills. the idea all commenced from the 1950s when the emergence of Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) led to vegan as well as vegetarian movements becoming wildly well-known.

As you might know, only animal foods such as meat, fish, eggs as well as organs like liver contain vitamin B12. Actually, neither animals nor plants develop the necessary enzymes to manufacture vitamin B12, only bacteria does, nevertheless animal products contain plenty of those bacteria. Certain strains of your gut bacteria can also manufacture vitamin B12 nevertheless in nearly every human being alive This particular is usually nowhere near sufficient.

Hence the idea’s smarter to eat a big juicy slice of steak to get B12, nevertheless originally, vegan leaders decided of which they could get enough through plants such as seaweed, spirulina, as well as fermented soybeans. Uniquely for a water soluble vitamin, the human Centeng can actually store vitamin B12 for up to two years as well as recycles up to 75% of the vitamin B12 the idea uses. Hence, many vegans as well as vegetarians got along excellently for a while.

However, the idea turned out of which plant sources of vitamin B12 contain only B12 analogs called cobamides of which actually block the uptake of real vitamin B12. A study in 1974 dealt the first blow; American research found of which 92 percent of vegans, 64 percent of lactovegetarians, as well as 20 percent of semi-vegetarians had blood levels of b12 below normal. Since then, usage of high dose B12 shots has been rampant among the vegan community as well as mainstream vegan outlets at This particular point encourage the idea.

The trend hasn’t halted there; as numerous studies flood out about vitamin B12’s widespread deficiency from the entire world, as well as its health benefits such as a happier mood, improved upon sleep, as well as protection against heart disease, many ordinary people are jumping aboard the B12 train as well. American doctors gave out 1.5 million prescriptions for vitamin B12 shots in 2008 alone.

Why is usually This particular medical trend relevant on a website devoted to clearing acne?

Simply because no different vitamin is usually as associated with as many monstrous acne outbreaks in as many studies as well as for as many years as vitamin B12 has been.

Vitamin B12 causes acne in countless studies!

Do vitamin B12 supplements cause acne?Vitamin B12 falls under the same banner as iodine in of which there are studies demonstrating of which supplements can cause acne as far back as the 1960s.

The 1960s was the early era of vitamin B12 shots as well as numerous studies coming from back then spoke of acne following high doses. The bouncing ball of truth hasn’t stopped since then either.

Since the 1960s, we firstly have This particular 1979 study which concluded of which acne springs up rapidly after vitamin B12 injections.

Secondly, an even more fascinating study was This particular one coming from 2014 published from the Indian Journal of Dermatology which had the stated aim “to compare vitamin B12 as well as folic acid levels in patients with moderate as well as severe acne vulgaris with those of the healthy control group”.

Hence, Dr Hilal Gökalp as well as his team of scientists gathered two groups of volunteers; one group of 0 acne patients (98 women, 22 men; mean age, 20 years; age range, 18-40 years) who completed 6 months of isotretinoin therapy as well as another group of 100 acne-free people (79 women, 21 men; mean age, 21 years; age range, 18-40 years).

The scientists measured the blood levels of vitamin B12 as well as folic acid of the acne-prone group both before the six month Accutane trial as well as after the idea, while the healthy group’s levels were only measured once.

The conclusion was very interesting. The results showed of which the 0 acne patients had significantly higher vitamin B12 levels from the bloodstream before the Accutane than the healthy volunteers. The levels were 30% higher. Here’s what the scientists said: “pre-treatment vitamin B12 values of the patient group were found to be statistically significantly higher”. The effect was limited to vitamin B12; folic acid (vitamin B9) was no different between the groups.

Last nevertheless not least, we have This particular fresh as well as extremely interesting study of which according to some pundits, puts the final nail from the coffin of vitamin B12 for acne patients.

In an experiment conducted in 2015, scientists led by Dr D Kang wanted to test the effect of vitamin B12 supplementation on p.acnes bacteria; hence they supplemented healthy volunteers with vitamin B12 as well as performed a detailed examination of their skin microbiota (microorganisms). The scientists did not discover of which vitamin B12 encouraged the p.acnes to grow or multiply or get stronger from the face of topical acne treatments; nothing of which simple.

Instead, B12 increased the amount of metabolic waste products produced by B12. In its daily activities, P.acnes bacteria uses the amino acid l-glutamine to make either vitamin B12 or peptides called porphyrins. If p.acnes is usually already equipped with more B12, less will be made as well as the conveyor belt of porphyrin will accelerate instead.

You’re probably guessed the end to This particular tale; porphyrins have previously been placed under suspicion of causing acne. They are known experts in irritating the skin, This particular study coming from 1988 found of which p.acnes-derived porphyrins are actually big contributors to squalene oxidation, or sebum oxidation. The scientists said of which “porphyrins were confirmed to be highly efficient catalytic factors from the squalene oxidation process”.

If you’re an expert on the science behind acne then you’ll know of which oxidation of squalene produces the highly comedogenic compound squalene peroxide, which is usually actually a bigger cause of acne than p.acnes bacteria itself.

In This particular earlier article on seasonal acne, we discussed how the improvement in acne during summer which many people enjoy is usually due to natural sunlight’s ability to destroy these porphyrins. Notably, This particular study coming from 2015 discovered of which acne-prone skin contains more porphyrins than skin without acne. The scientists also directly fed vitamin B12 to p.acnes bacteria in a petri dish as well as observed a spike in porphyrin production of 39%.

Vitamin B12 as well as acne – nobody is usually safe!

Vitamin B12 supplements do cause acne.In fact, the scientists even found of which vitamin B12 could create a fresh batch of acne in patients who had so much as a pimple before.

The scientists from the study administered vitamin B12 injections to 10 participants with clear skin, as well as observed of which 1 of them developed acne a one week later. Upon analysis of the bacteria on the patient’s skin, Dr Kang as well as his scientists discovered of which the p.acnes had mutated into a more aggressive form exclusively found on the skin of acne patients.

the idea’s well established of which the bacteria on the skin of acne patients is usually more aggressive; the idea churns out more porphyrins as well as greater amounts of different inflammatory metabolic waste products. B12 somehow has the dangerous power to turn friendly skin bacteria into a more villainous variety for acne. The results were not staggering; only 1 out of 10 clear skinned people developed acne. nevertheless still, those who already had acne got far worse.

The role of which vitamin B12 plays in acne has been a mystery ever since the 1960s, nevertheless the idea’s at This particular point certain of which metabolites churned out by p.acnes bacteria are the missing link scientists have long been hunting for.

One different plausible mechanism is usually of which excessive doses of vitamin B12 can convert the toxic heavy metal mercury into methylmercury, a far more toxic form of which can contribute to inflammation behind acne. This particular study found of which high dose vitamin B12 shots were linked to greater accumulation of methylmercury from the brain as well as hence damage.

So is usually This particular the end of vitamin B12 for us acne patients or do these results not translate into the real world where science as well as diet is usually far more complicated? After all, iodine is usually another nutrient of which has been blamed for acne since the 1960s as well as we mostly exonerated the idea in This particular article.

The reality is usually of which having a thorough scouring of the acne-sphere as well as well-designed scientific studies, you can see clearly of which there’s a ton of bad stories. In fact, I’ve never seen so many horror stories for one nutrient:

  • I never ONCE had acne before as well as after doctor put me on 10,000mcg B12 shots 3 times a week, I have patches of pimples on my nose, temples, as well as chest! Horrible!
  • I decided to supplement with vitamin B12 a few months ago nevertheless ended up taking way too much. Ever since I’ve had terrible acne as well as the idea’s not going away.
  • I’ve been taking B12 shots twice a week as well as have horrible acne on my back, neck, face as well as chest.
  • I have been taking vitamin B12 supplements since August every different day. The dosage was 5,000 mcg as an oral pill. I developed severe acne all over my cheeks as well as neck as well as basically everywhere. I have never looked like This particular before – the idea’s horrible!
  • Someone who had commenced a course of B12 shots, as well as felt generally healthier on them, said of which “the acne came on overnight practically as well as is usually all over my chin as well as neck. the idea’s also slowly creeping up my cheeks towards my forehead”.

the idea’s pretty clear of which vitamin B12 at least has the power to cause acne, whether the idea’s via porphyrins or an undiscovered mechanism. However, the truth of the matter is usually very different…

Vitamin B12 also has benefits for acne

Vitamin B12 supplements cause acne.If you have a keen eye then you’ll have observed of which every single bad testimonial as well as almost all the negative studies used vitamin B12 injections, not the natural vitamin B12 found in food.

The dosage from the biggest as well as most damning study was truly enormous; the volunteers were injected with 1000mcg, which is usually 5000% of the recommended daily allowance for adults, which is usually 2.4mcg. Typical B12 shots prescribed by doctors contain 500-1000mcg with instructions to be injected 2 times per day.

What we have is usually evidence of which massive doses of B12 can cause acne, just like with iodine. nevertheless the only piece of evidence of which dietary intake of vitamin B12 can trigger acne is usually the study showing of which acne patients had 30% higher levels in their blood than average. Furthermore, another study on female acne patients concluded of which blood B12 levels were no different to healthy volunteers.

Here’s the truth: vitamin B12 deficiency is usually not just rampant in vegans. People who shun meat are very deficient themselves; studies generally suggest of which 50% of vegetarians as well as 80% of vegans need more vitamin B12. However, one study also discovered of which 40 percent of all people between the ages of 26 as well as 83 have plasma B12 levels from the low to normal range – a range at which neurological symptoms start kicking in. 9 percent had an outright deficiency as well as 16 percent were at “near deficiency”. Separately, B12 deficiency has been estimated to affect about 40% of people over 60 years of age.

Many factors from the modern lifestyle deplete vitamin B12 levels. Firstly, heavy alcohol intake massively impairs the absorption of vitamin B12 into the gastrointestinal tract. Secondly, many of us have impaired nutrient absorption anyway due to too much grains, sugar, as well as low intakes of different nutrients. Finally, low levels of the antioxidant glutathione are an epidemic due to the idea being depleted from the detoxification of toxins. Glutathione is usually needed to protect vitamin B12 molecules as well as keep them functional.

If you eat plenty of meat as well as organs then you’re home as well as dry when the idea comes to vitamin B12. The best sources from the entire world, in order, are…


-Lamb liver – (1501% per 100 grams).

-Lamb kidney. (873%).

-Whitefish eggs.

-Beef liver.

-Moose liver.

-Veal liver.

-Goose liver.

-Duck liver.


-Red bull.

-Veal kidneys.

-Turkey kidneys.


-Turkey liver.

-Pork liver.

-Turkey heart.

As you can see, organs are by far the best, nevertheless the regular meat of those animals is usually not far behind. A 0 gram lamb steak contains 86% of the RDA for instance. A medium sized egg also contains 10%.

If you’re eating only a smaller amount of animal foods, perhaps by trying to eat less steak or lamb chops after seeing the reports on red meat causing cancer from the news, then you are likely to be deficient in vitamin B12.

What happens then? Well firstly, your levels of oxidative stress will be substantially higher. of which means your skin will have more acne-causing free radicals as well as less acne antioxidants to protect against those free radicals.

Vitamin B12 is usually needed to restrain levels of homocysteine, an amino acid used as a marker for heart disease. High homocysteine levels result in endothelial dysfunction, a narrowing of the arteries, as well as oxidative damage to cholesterol. nevertheless elevated homocysteine also carries a strong link to oxidative stress; This particular study applied homocysteine to cells as well as found of which the idea increased oxidative stress by inhibiting a compound called tetrabiopterin by 80%. This particular study was more direct; the idea found of which homocysteine increases production of a compound called PAR-4, which itself led to far more free radicals being generated by the Centeng.

This particular study on 149 patients with heart disease found of which the risks to cardiovascular health posed by homocysteine were due in large part to increasing oxidative stress, which thus winds up causing acne as well. Finally, This particular study again discussed the cardiovascular risks as well as said of which oxidative stress was to blame.

Obviously, a malfunctioning heart can only affect acne extremely indirectly, nevertheless oxidative stress is usually one of the two root causes of acne, alongside chronic inflammation.

Not only of which, nevertheless vitamin B12 can improve a wide range of bodily conditions of which lead to acne indirectly, most notably including sleep deprivation. There’s a vast catalogue of studies analysing vitamin B12’s effect on sleep nevertheless This particular one stands out. Read the extract:

  • Two adolescent patients suffering coming from persistent sleep-wake schedule disorders appear to have responded to treatment with vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin). Neither patient showed any laboratory or clinical evidence of vitamin B12 deficiency or hypothyroidism. The improvement of the sleep-wake rhythm disorders appeared immediately after administration of 3,000 micrograms/day of methylcobalamin.

The link to the study is usually here. different studies have found of which B12 improves sleep deprivation resulting jet lag as well as shift work. Studies on rats have also shown benefits. the idea fits very logically of which vitamin B12 can cause sleep deprivation, given its numerous effects on depression as well as neurotransmitters (see below).

This particular study found of which vitamin B12 improved upon areas of sleep such as “sleep quality,” “concentration,” as well as “feeling refreshed” by directly influencing melatonin. This particular study found of which patients with delayed deep-phase sleep syndrome benefitted coming from vitamin B12; sleep onset came forward coming from 2am to midnight.

Possibly the most interesting benefit of higher vitamin B12 is usually defence against the deadly heavy arsenic.

In This particular article we discussed how arsenic found in rice as well as fruit juice causes hyperkeratosis, an overgrowth of the skin protein keratin which binds dead skin cells together into pore-blocking clumps of which cause acne.

not bad news; This particular study found of which supplementation with vitamin B12 led to increased clearance of vitamin B12 through urine, as well as This particular study found of which vitamin B12 prevented an increase in oxidative stress caused by arsenic.

There’s also evidence of which vitamin B12 protects against mycotoxins coming from toxic moulds. the idea’s possible of which vitamin B12 plays a role in detoxifying harmful contaminants more widely across the Centeng.

Health benefits of vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 causes acne as well as pimples.Aside coming from acne, you also don’t want to starve yourself of vitamin B12, for the sake of not bad health.

Firstly, Taiwan researchers found of which the cardiovascular problems resulting coming from elevated homocysteine levels could be avoided by getting more vitamin B12. Secondly, B12 is usually linked to depression, with roughly 30% of patients being deficient according to one study. This particular makes sense because vitamin B12 has the ability to activate a compound called tetrahydrobiopterin, which itself activates the happiness hormone serotonin, as well as dopamine.

Another study examined the brain function of children who had been fed a vegan diet as well as hence had low levels of vitamin B12. Apparently, there was a significant association between B12 status as well as performance on tests measuring fluid intelligence, spatial ability as well as short-term memory, with formerly vegan children scoring lower than normal omnivorous kids for each test.

Vitamin B12 is usually also a potent way to treat anaemia as the idea’s used to manufacture the haemoglobin cells which transport iron throughout the bloodstream. In fact, the road to the B12 discovery began in 1929 when scientist George Whipple was conducting experiments in which he induced anemia in dogs by bleeding them, then fed them various foods to observe which diets produced the fastest recovery coming from the newly produced anaemia.

His results showed of which ingesting large amounts of liver seemed to cure anaemia most effectively. Hence, he hypothesised of which liver might cure pernicious anaemia, aenimia where there’s enough iron nevertheless the iron isn’t being utilised correctly.

He found signs of success, as well as later, in 1948, a different team of scientists including Dr Falkers as well as Dr Todd isolated, identified, as well as named the compound in liver responsible – vitamin B12.

If you’ve got the symptoms of anaemia like fatigue, weakness, dizziness, as well as shortness of breath nevertheless are also getting plenty of iron, then vitamin B12 might well be the solution.

Vitamin B12 may supercharge your energy levels, as the idea’s used to extract energy coming from food. Finally, vitamin B12 is usually famous for strengthening the myelin sheath, a protective coating like the plastic on a wire which keeps neurons intact as well as well-functioning.


The truth about vitamin B12 is usually of which at high doses of 1000mcg, the idea almost certainly does cause acne.

There are plenty of well-designed studies suggesting the idea, the case studies on acne patients taking B12 shots are overwhelmingly negative, as well as scientists have identified a specific as well as plausible mechanism involving bacterial metabolites.

However, I definitely do not recommend of which you minimise B12 in your diet because low levels can increase oxidative stress as well as cause sleep deprivation, as well as put you at risk of depression as well as brain problems. The two takeaways coming from This particular article are to 1) not take vitamin B12 shots, as well as 2) get plenty of vitamin B12 coming from food. If you’re an omnivore then simply eat more animal based foods, especially liver as well as different organs. Two eggs for breakfast each day will give you about 20% of the RDA, if you’re a vegetarian.

If you’re a vegan then you face the age-old conundrum, since plant sources like spirulina are not absorbed properly. However, there are at This particular point effective vitamin B12 supplements available which aren’t from the form of injections as well as aren’t in colossal acne-causing doses.

of which’s why This particular Garden of Life Organic B-12 Spray supplement is usually truly excellent. the idea’s completely organic, well-sourced as well as vegan friendly, from the methylcobalamin form, as well as contains 140 servings. the idea’s in a spray form, so you bypass a potentially weak digestive system through direct absorption into the bloodstream. Furthermore, you don’t even need 500mcg per day. At most, you need to spray your Centeng once every two days. Hence the bottle will last you 280 days, or over 9 months. The supplement is usually excellent value for money, as well as you can buy the idea here.

the idea’s especially critical for vitamin B12 of which you buy the most efficient methylcobalamin form rather than cyanocobalamin. In Europe as well as Japan, scientists have recognised of which methylcobalamin is usually the best absorbed form of vitamin B12 in humans as well as use the idea exclusively in prescriptions, nevertheless America remains stuck from the dark ages.

If you fear the supplement is usually secretly derived coming from animals then don’t worry; vitamin B12 supplements are manufactured by the fermentation of microorganisms such as Streptomyces griseus, Pseudomonas denitrificans as well as Propionibacterium freudenreichii subsp. shermanii. After all, the idea’s the bacteria in animals which manufactures B12 rather than the animals themselves.

Overall, vitamin B12 is usually another iodine; suspicious in high doses, nevertheless perfectly safe for acne at normal dietary intakes.

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